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Whether you wish to listen to politicians and celebrities, get the insider track on world leading companies or make friendships for life: our society is the right place for you. Whatever your degree or nationality, everyone is welcome! Read all about what we do.


Each term, we host a range of exciting socials as well as careers and speakers events. Find out all about this term’s highlights below – and don’t forget to put the dates in your diary!





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Socialise and Celebrate

Our broad range of social events is the best way to make new friends and experience German culture at Oxford.

Dance away to cheerful Bavarian folk songs at the “Oxtoberfest”, smell authentic German bread at our “Abendbrot”, or meet like-minded people over a cup of good old coffee at our traditional “Kaffee und Kuchen.”

To find out more about this term’s socials take a look at our Termcard. But be warned, by attending our events you risk an overdose of free cake and fantastic friendships!


Challenge Our Speakers

What do Olaf Scholz, Carolin Kebekus, and Timur Vermes have in common? We have had the honour of welcoming all three of them to Oxford!

These speaker events are your unique opportunity to not only learn from brilliant minds, but also to challenge them by firing away your questions and raising lively discussions – share your opinions with our speakers!

Each term, we invite celebrities from various fields to join us for talks and interviews. Throughout the last few years, we have had quite a few prominent guests, all of whom you can find in our Hall of Fame.

Photo credit: Leon Theimer

Career Events

Meet Our Sponsors

Do you want to advance your career? Then connect with our high-profile sponsors from Germany and the UK. Get inspired for your future career and meet potential employers.

We host exclusive (and free!) networking dinners, workshops, and career talks. Connect with our sponsors, network with like-minded students, and develop your personal skills.

For more information, have a look at our sponsors and our current termcard. If you have any questions or suggestions for new sponsors, feel free to contact us.

Language Classes

Scribble like Schiller, Rhyme like Rilke

Admittedly we can’t promise to make you the next literary genius but we can certainly put you on the right track!

Whether you are starting from scratch or fine-tuning your skills, sign up for a weekly German class. These are completely free for our members and we supply the books. Who knows, perhaps you actually are the next Goethe?


Beginner Class taught by Jean Bourgeois:
Saturdays of Term | 10:00 | Modern Languages Faculty Building, 47 Wellington Square, OX1 2ER

Beginner Class taught by Jean Bourgeois:
Sundays of Term | 12:00 | Zoom

Intermediate Class taught by Emir Faruk:
Saturdays of Term | 11:00 | Modern Languages Faculty Building, 47 Wellington Square, OX1 2ER

Intermediate Class taught by Oliver Schwarz:
Sundays of Term | 15:00 | Zoom

Advanced Class taught by Mika-Erik Möser:
Saturdays of Term | 12:00 | Modern Languages Faculty Building, 47 Wellington Square, OX1 2ER

Advanced Class taught by Björn Vahsen:
Sundays of Term | 16:00 | Zoom

If you would like to participate, please email us and we’ll find you a space or add you to the waiting list.

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